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    RTS Sat is the North American television broadcast of Radio and Television Serbia, RTS (Radio Television Serbia), the national public broadcaster of the Republic of Serbia. RTS offers information on Serbian history, culture, and heritage as well as news, sports and entertainment programs. RTS offers Serbian viewers in America the latest daily entertainment from Serbia, including a 30-minute news bulletin from DNEVNIK.
  • RTRS
    Radio Televizija Republike Srpske, otherwise RTRS, is the public-service broadcasting organization of the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its headquarters in Banja Luka, RTRS broadcasts a 24-hour television program as well as one radio channel known as Radio Republike Srpske. RTRS program includes editorial news and political programs, Editorial entertainment and sports, movie and documentary editors and editors of cultural and educational, children’s and youth programs.
  • RTV 1 & RTV 2
    RTV Vojodine is a diverse channel, broadcasting top rated shows 24 hours a day from Vojvodina. From the regular news bulletins throughout the day, current affair shows and entertainment, RTV Vojvodine is a complimentary channel to RTS SAT and will certainly be a favorite in the home.
  • OTV
    OTV is a 24 hour commercial movie channel designed as entertainment channel, comprised of feature films, documentaries, music clips, concerts and talk shows produced in the former Yugoslavia. Being oriented towards film production of Former Yugoslavia, program also includes short serialized vignettes dedicated to the history of film production from the region.
    KlasikTV is a 24 hour commercial free movie channel from the region; filled with top documentaries, TV series and classic hit films, typically using the films original movie trailer. From time to time, the channel shows restored versions of films, particularly old silent films with newly commissioned musical soundtracks. It also airs promos for special programming about classic film actors and actresses in between feature films.
  • K3
    K3 is the new international satellite television designed to be viewed in the whole of Europe, the territory of the former Yugoslav republics, as well as North America. With a young but already skilled and ambitious members of the editorial board, K3 will be able to meet all your requirements for a good television program, and will make sure to be found in any home not just television, but also as a constant life companion.
  • DM SAT
    Within its 24 hour program schedule DM SAT broadcasts top rated music television; including video clips from periods since the 60s till today, from all regions of former Yugoslavia. DM Sat offers the viewers the chance to actively participate in the creation of programs with SMS messages. You can express your music requests, send suggestions and communicate with the team that stands behind the DM Sat program.
  • PINK
    Officially the highest rated television in Serbia. Pink produces and broadcasts high-quality domestic and foreign programming, popular television series, movies, soap operas, music and entertainment shows, talk shows, foreign and domestic reality shows. The 22 channel Pink Package has been designed to fulfill and cover all the needs and tastes of our wide audience range.